Product Information

Pick Glue

Pick Glue is a wax based all natural product that increases your grip on any pick you decide to use. This is a non-toxic all natural compound. So, if your dog grabs ahold of it then no worries. It's easy to apply, and it's easy to remove. If you get it on your cloths it washes right out with hot water. The product contains bees wax so if you're hyper sensitive to bees, I would implore caution
Pick Glue is for professionals and beginners alike. If you have shaky hands, dry hands, cold or sweaty hands or no hands, this product will help you hold your pick.


Coming Soon

Stick Glue will be here shortly. A variated form of Pick Glue providing drummers that slight extra grip while they play. This will also come in varying grip types: Light, and Heavy grip. Based on your needs, of course. 


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