Artist Reviews

@erock5string - "Wow thanks!!!..This stuff is awesome!!" 
@treyvanlear - "...Our techs love the stuff too. You can count The Van Lear's as huge fans."
@rbentleyjr - "Like I said,it is a helpful product.I was coming to the resolve that the damage to my hands was going to end my playing.When I say thanks,I really mean it."
@odieshin - "...the pick glue is great for my tremolo picking..." 
@hasansalameh67 - "...Great job on this stuff! Genius....and worth every penny!"
@StohnGuitars - "This stuff is ESSENTIAL if you are tired of dropping your picks! Yes, it even keeps stone securely in place!" 
@jesstone86 - "This stuff is great!" - " like a charm."
James Hamilton with The Pick  - "Pick Glue is my favorite one I've used so far." 
Andrew Jackson - "Pick Glue will save your picks."
The Tone Mob and Stohn Guitars giving Pick Glue a review. (4/6 of the way through the pod cast)
Dan Miller with Flat Picking Guitar Magazine"I gave it a try and sure enough it improved the grip."