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I created Pick Glue because my father (a life long guitarist) would use my hair products to keep from dropping his pick during shows, around the house, and while in the studio. After countless lost Pomade containers, I'd finally had enough. I began to research and spent hours upon hours brewing different compounds and mixing different ingredients to make something that worked to help him. From the most back-ally candle creating forums full of old ladies who did nothing but chat about how their great ancestors went about their candle working process, to reading books on various ingredients. And after months of studying, I finally came across what is now known as Pick Glue. The first debut of the product was September of 2016 for a college project, and I've been keeping at it ever since. The idea grew into a business that not only helps my father, but helps countless musician around the world

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Most of you are probably wondering "what the heck is Musepal?" Well, to put it simply, I've created other products besides Pick Glue that will help those in the music industry. However, they can't all be sold under the name as "Pick Glue" because, well, that just gets people confused. So, I made another company named Musepal. Musepal will be selling Pick Glue, and the other ideas I have - the website isn't finished yet.  

I've been a live sound and studio engineer for quite a few years now - I even help teach an RTV 360 class at a 4 year university. I see kids paying thousands upon thousands of dollars for these classes, and I've been getting tired of it, honestly.

I want to make an outlet where individuals who want to learn softwares like ProTools, Reason, Logic, etc,. can come to be mentored by industry professionals at a reasonable cost, at their own pace, and at their own discretion. There will even be interactive services offered to more deeply engage artists in the learning process. Think Master Class with more masters, more interaction, and more information... So, Musepal will not only carry physical products, but educational ones as well. 

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If you have any questions you can email our customer service rep at Kate@Musepal.com