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@erock5string - "Wow thanks!!! Yeah I'll let you know! At this point, just keep doing what you're doing, this stuff is awesome!!

@treyvanlear - "...Our techs love the stuff too. You can count The Van Lear's as huge fans."

@rbentleyjr - "Like I said,it is a helpful product.I was coming to the resolve that the damage to my hands was going to end my playing.When I say thanks,I really mean it."

@odieshin - "....the pick glue is great for my tremolo picking...

@hasansalameh67 - "...Great job on this stuff! Genius....and worth every penny!"

@StohnGuitars - "This stuff is ESSENTIAL if you are tired of dropping your picks! Yes, it even keeps stone securely in place!" 

@jesstone86 - "This stuff is great!"

@pablohernandez.se - "....works like a charm."

James Hamilton with The Pick  - "Pick Glue is my favorite one I've used so far.

Andrew Jackson - "Pick Glue will save your picks."

The Tone Mob and Stohn Guitars giving Pick Glue a review. (4/6 of the way through the pod cast)

Dan Miller with Flat Picking Guitar Magazine"I gave it a try and sure enough it improved the grip."



  • Shy Vel

    I’ve been using pick glue for about a year now, and so far it’s the best thing I have ever used for playing guitar. It keeps grip of yer pick without leaving any residue of anything sticky on yer pick it yer fingers, Thanx Pick glue ?
  • Jen Summers

    I love pickglue. I keep one in each of my guitar cases and in my purse. I never know when I might need it! I play hard on my guitar and I was always throwing or spinning my pick. This stuff is magic. :)

  • Darren Menning

    This product is absolutely fantastic. Ive reccomended it to all of the guitarists and bassists on my worship team because this stuff really works! Never going without Pick Glue again!

  • Justin Setters

    Fantastic product

  • Carlie Crawford

    Pick Glue is so awesome! I love this product! It’s the best!

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